Zih Yuan Tang Biotechnology | 資元堂生物股份有限公司

Our Company

ZIH YUAN TANG Biotechnology Company was founded in 2005 by a group of specialists from various fields. Our mission is to apply modern technology to discover the key bio-molecules in Chinese herbal medicine, aiming for diabetes therapy, diabetic wound healing and diabetic retinopathy.

Our Goal

After 13 years of R&D ZIH YUAN TANG recently had a major breakthrough in discovery of several amazing
bio-molecules and was awarded several US patents. We are seeking venture funding and join venture
partners from pharmaceutical companies.

The Small Molecules
from Traditional Herbs
We adhere to the empirical
experiences of a single herbal
medicine from the human body,
and extract small molecules
to develop new drugs by modern
scientific methods.
Not the first, but the Only ONE
We will be the next top small
molecules medicine extracted
from traditional herbs after
Artemisinin, etc.
To Get NDA from US FDA
Do the best we can: our
business strategy is to get
NDA from US FDA, and take
the whole world in view.
Recruiting Investors
We appreciate the cooperation
with other pharmaceutical
companies in order to get in
the stages of preclinical animal
experiments and IPO in 3-5 years.
As stated by Dr. Kuo-Hsiung Lee, our company business strategies is ahead of the trend in new drug development

“ Chinese traditional medicine and its prescriptions are
the best treasure for developing new drugs in this century.
The key will be finding a single effective ingredient, making modification, and
synthesizing is the shortcut to the development of new drugs
then getting the United States FDA certification as a world-class
new drugs ”

— Kuo-Hsiung Lee Ph.D. Academia Sinica Forum of Botanical New Drug Development 2015

Our Strategy

From traditional Chinese medicine to the world-class drug, finding active molecules and getting the NDA from the US FDA